Website Content/Project Management

My Shipping Options was created for a technology company specializing in shipping, freight, and logistics. The site was created to be a hub for the entire shipping industry to get information on nearby companies.

Website Content/Project Management

Triplex Training

Triplex Training is a small gym in Chandler, AZ specializing in group training. I was able to create SEO enriched copy, complete Local SEO setup where we clarified NAP across local listings. The new website is visually appealing while creating an action and informing new users.

Website Content/Project Management

PH Structural was created for an Arizona based Structural Engineering Firm. They wanted to be able to convert referral based leads. We were able to successfully do this by allowing users to appreciate their imagery, then direct to action with content.

Website Content

Cool Clubs was a website created while I was employed in the Godaddy Professional Web Services Department. Originally, they had over 40 pages of content. We were able to condense it and rewrite it to communicate more effectively and drive results.


The Mountain Bike Life was created as a hub for the regular joes of mountain biking, I was one of several bloggers submitting two posts per month. We reached 250,000 hits per year.